Against Common Sense | Week 4

What does it mean to be a “good” student according to common sense?


According to common sense, a good student is a submissive student who meets the expectations of teachers. Likewise, this is the notion that teachers are superior to students. Likewise, this is a type of student who can control his/her ego and conform to the influence and the industrial system of school. In this way, they are keen on the disciplines that play is not tolerated and work is the norm and what is socially and culturally acceptable. 

Which students are privileged by this definition of the good student? What is made impossible to see/understand/believe because of these commonsense ideas? 

The students privileged by this definition are the children who are raised in an industrial setting. Other students could have lived outside the city and they may not understand the lifestyle and the worldview in urban areas. Therefore, the high demands of the school may traumatize children who are collaborative learners and learn effectively when they are involved and in the mode of creativity and productivity. 

The expectations laid upon students are heavy and ought to be reevaluated for the sake of all students with different experience, values, interests, morals and character. This is an example of oppressive education, traditional teaching is normative and is in need of change. If not, we will see failures in the personal and social development of every student. 


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